How to Measure Your Dog for Robes

Measure Your Dog’s Body Length

1) Determine the length of your dog’s body by measuring between the base of the neck and the beginning of the tail.


2) Begin by placing the beginning edge of the measuring tape at the base of the neck. This is the point where the base the neck joins the body.

Extend the free end of the measuring tape along the length of the spine until it reaches the base of the tail.
“How to measure your dog” is a guide on how to measure for the right fit.. Remember these are robes and fit loose enough for the dog to be comfortable.

8″ to 11″ = XSmall
12″ to 14″ = Small
15″ to 18″ = Medium
19″ to 22″ = Large
23″ to 25″ = XLarge
26″ to 30″ – XXLarge

For the best fit: Note your dogs Back Length Measurement in the Notes section when placing your order or you can send me a separate message via the contact link or email. Feel free to contact me with any questions at any time.


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