Waterproof BioThane Collar Lead Combo – Martingale 1 1/4 Inch Wide Collar – Beta 520 Super Heavy BioThane with Large Swarovski Crystals


This is a Martingale Collar Lead combo. It is Handmade with Genuine Swarovski Crystals. Each Crystal is handset. Lead/Leash is 4′ long. This color combo is Pink Outer Collar color with Black Under Layer Collar color and Black Lead/leash.  The Swarovski Crystals on this collar are size 48ss and are only available in the Crystal or Crystal AB color. Collar shown has the Crystal AB color crystals.

If you would like a different color of BioThane, please enter in the Notes section when ordering.

These Collars & Leashes are made of Beta Super Heavy BioThane. This material is waterproof and fully functional under any conditions and over any terrain. They require absolutely no maintenance, will not tangle and resist picking up stickers & thorns. The perfect collar for water sports.




  1. We size our collars by NECK SIZE, not overall collar length.
  2. Properly measuring for your dog is important, we work from YOUR measurements!
  3. Use a cloth measuring tape. DO NOT USE A METAL HOUSEHOLD MEASURING TAPE!
  4. Alternatively, you can use a string, or your phone charging cord, then measure the string/cord flat with a traditional tape measure, ruler, or yard stick.
  5. Do NOT measure extra skin, try to get the tape measure up under the flaps, but do not pull too tightly, especially if you like a loser fit. DO NOT add length for “good measure”
  6. Measure your dog’s neck in the center of the neck, not too close to the head (collar will be too small) or too close to the shoulders (collar will be too big).

 Measuring for a collar


Additional information

Collar Size

13 inch, 14 inch, 15 inch, 16 inch, 17 inch, 18 inch, 19 inch, 20 inch, 21 inch, 29 inch, 22 inch, 23 inch, 24 inch, 25 inch, 26 inch, 27 inch, 28 inch


Brass, Silver (High Polished Nickle Plated)

Swarovski Crystal Color

Crystal, Crystal AB

Slip Lead or Martingale

Martingale, Slip Lead


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